Portable Storage Sheds and Buildings

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Portable Storage Sheds and Buildings

Our products, manufactured in Port Angeles, Washington are both functional and flexible.  Our premier product is building kits, created in our own plant - a structure to go for you! 

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Click on any image below to learn more about that product line or visit our applications page for even more!  Each of the products featured below have been specifically engineered for the application.  They are not simply more uses of the same building!

Our buildings incorporate partial or full structural insulated panels (SIPs). 

Advantages are:

1) Lightweight
2) Insulated
   - Easty to heat
   - No Sweating
3) Environmentally friendly
   - Made from recycled and by-product materials
4) Strong
   - The SIP is a shear wall by nature
5) Easy to assemble (fully assembled delivery available, too)
6) Versatile
   - Interchangeable parts allow for a variety of configurations and uses
   - You can even change your mind after the order has arrived!
   - Window panels, door panels and other panels are ALL interchangeable

New!!  Just introduced in September, 2008!  "Hybrid" storage sheds - click here.

Structures To Go buildings are portable, functional and flexible.  We are manufacturers of the finest SIPs and SIP building kits in the world, utilizing six of our own patented processes in our building kits.  Learn more about SIPs ...

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Our products are manufactured with both the consumer and the planet in mind. 

For the consumer, our portable building kits are affordable, durable and functional.  You will not need a contractor to assemble for you, just basic carpentry skills are all that is needed.  The assembly utilizes slide-together, interchangeable walls, windows and door SIP plywood panels.

For the planet, our insultating material is a bi-product, recyclable and earth-friendly.

Here are just a few applications:

  • Camp cabin
  • Concession stand
  • Food storage
  • Foaling stables
  • Garages
  • Guard shack
  • Guest house
  • Hobby room
  • House boat
  • Information booth
  • Job shack
  • Latte stand
  • Boat house  
  • Power house
  • Public restrooms
  • Pump house
  • Classic car workshop
  • RV park model Sales office
  • Shower house
  • Sound studio
  • Storage
  • Studio
  • Tack room
  • Toll booth
  • Vacation structures
  • Play house
  • Warehouse office
  • Weigh station
  • Workshop
  • Safe room (records storage)
  • Security room
  • Classic auto storage
  • Kiosk building
  • Smoking shelters
  • Disaster relief structure
  • Low cost temporary structures
  • Owner specified