Are building permits required?

Structure size, use intent and your county or city codes are determining factors. Plumbing and electrical DO require permits.

What is the typical cost?

The base cost averages between $48 and $55 per sq ft.

What are the structures made of?

Marine-plywood-skinned structural insulated panels (SIP’s) with pressure-bonded expanded-polystyrene cores.

Are SIP materials and building kits green?

They are environmentally friendly to produce, very energy-efficient when in service, and can be recycled.

What is the R-value (insulation value)?

6 ½” floor and roof panels are R-23, and 4 ½” wall panels are R-16, both avoiding the thermal block present in standard framing.

Who assembles the buildings once purchased?

Most of the larger kits can be self-assembled, we can assist, or may be erected by a qualified licensed contractor. Smaller kits can be delivered pre-assembled.

How is electrical and plumbing installed in the panels?

Either can be installed after assembly using surface-mount “log cabin style” fixtures (electrical) or in interior divider walls which are conventionally framed with studs. (Note: plumbing and electrical are not included in kit price.)

Do the structures require a foundation?

Most of our kits come with a floor structure that attaches to pressure treated skids. The skids can then be attached to pier pads and leveled with post brackets. If a concrete floor is desired, the insulated floor will be omitted from the kit and the walls can be attached to the concrete floor.

What site preparation is needed?

A level surface to locate the buildings on is recommended.

Can the exterior be customized to match existing structures?

The standard kit roofs are Delta Rib metal available in a variety of colors. Custom substitutions can be made for other kinds of roofing to match existing structures. The exterior plywood on the panels can be stained or painted to match or sided over as a sub-sheeting to match any other structure.

Can the assembled structure be disassembled at a later date?

The building is not glued and can be disassembled by removing the trim and panel screws in reverse order of assembly.

How long does it take to assemble a kit?

Most people with friends and basic carpentry skills should be able to assemble the standard kit in approximately 4 days. We provide instructions.

How much does a single SIP weigh?

Our standard 4’x 8’ panel (in the kit) weighs between 104 and 109 pounds, easily handled by two or more people.

Are Panels Interchangeable?

Window, door, and wall panels are all interchangeable to any position around the building and more can be added at additional cost.